Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As the Womb Turns

Although I'm supposed to discontinue using the progesterone suppositories if menses occurs, I used one last night.  Why?  Well, because now I'm not so sure that my period actually started yesterday.  I began spotting around 11:00 am and had light crampy pains & a backache much of the day.  Of course, the backache was undoubtedly from packing and moving an entire house in 2 1/2 weeks!  But the spotting stopped suddenly by around 4:00 pm and never started again.  I woke this morning with the slightest hint of pink on my toilet tissue and it's already stopped.

Soooo. . .what now?  I'm not prone to spotting and I NEVER do it, but I think I am.  Seriously, my period normally leaves it looking like someone was hacked to death between my legs and what I experienced yesterday was so mild that it never required more than just a liner.  Actually, I suppose it didn't require a liner at all since I only noticed the spotting on my toilet tissue after using the restroom. 

Now I'm thoroughly confused and I'm not sure what to do or how to track this anomaly in my cycle.  Am I on Day 18 of this cycle or Day 2 of a new cycle?  Am I just enjoying the calm before the storm?  Is my body simply gearing up for the big event?

I started wondering, hoping really, when I noticed that the spotting had stopped yesterday.  Is it possible. . .?  Could it be. . .?  Dare I hope that these pains and this spotting and the accompanying pain might be related to implantation? 

Might I be pregnant?  Or is it just a precursor to another ride on the Red Rapids?  Did I spend hours packing while bawling my eyes out for no reason or am I getting my hopes up for an equal lack of reason?

I have experienced implantation bleeding with two pregnancies (my son and the one last year), but it wasn't pink and didn't come with any cramping so I'm not very encouraged on that front.  I'm doubly trying not to get too excited because progesterone does tend to delay your period.  Thanks to the internet, I've learned that it also can also cause spotting and cramping until you stop taking it.  So, even if I am pregnant - and I'm certainly not feeling it at the moment, I may have this symptom throughout my first trimester.  That's just great because you know I wouldn't freak out or obsess about spotting or cramping while pregnant, right?  Ugh.

Stay tuned for the next installment of As the Womb Turns. . .

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