Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where Did It Go??

Yeah, it's my period mystifying me once again. 

I realize that I'm going to sound like Goldilocks, but where in the world did my period go?  I've been bleeding to death for days (and complaining loudly the entire time), but I woke up this morning to find that my vagina is totally dry.  There is nothing up there!  I know, I know, why am I complaining?  Because I'm a chick and chicks love to bitch about stuff.

Times like this make me glad that I don't wear tampons any longer because removing them when they weren't very wet is such a gross feeling.  I won't even begin to tackle how icky it was when my vadge pulled the damn things apart as I was pulling them out.  Yeah, picking cotton fibers out of her snatch is just what a post-menstrual woman wants to do - bleh!

I should also take this time to add that I absolutely love mama cloth now. . .and I haven't worn pads since I first started getting periods!  Why do I like cloth pads?  Because they are sooo soft and comfy!  Wearing a cloth pad is like wearing your most comfortable pair of undies.  Plus, they don't leak (I was shocked at this - particularly given my flow as of late!) and they don't have any sticky parts to pull on tender areas of my flesh.

Back to the topic at hand, where did my period go?  How can I be soaking through a pad in an hour or two for days on end and have that flow disappear literally overnight?  I give up trying to make any sense out of my menstrual cycle because there is no sense to be made out of it!

In other news, this means that I'll start peeing on the ovulation predictor sticks and I can start taking the progesterone five days after my LH surge.  I'm hopeful that this will help lengthen my cycle and/or aid in supporting pregnancy should I conceive.  This cycle will be my last chance to have a baby carried to term in 2011 so wish us luck!

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