Monday, April 18, 2011

You Gotta Be Kidding Me!!

Guess who started spotting today in the middle of packing and wrangling a toddler who wants to play with every single thing being packed?  It's official:  My body freaking sucks!  Dammit!

Why?  Just why?  Why is this happening?

I'm only on Day 17 of my cycle and I stared at the toilet tissue for the longest moment, not wanting to believe what my own eyes could see.  And that's when the meltdown started.  It's still going on, but I'm hopeful that I'll stop my boo-hooing and get myself together in short order.

With everything else that I'm dealing with at the moment, why my period too?  And, if I have to have my stupid period, why did it have to come with cramps too?  So much for putting my hopes on the progesterone.

Boo-freaking-hoo. . .this is my FOURTH period since February 26.  Four friggin' periods in only seven stupid weeks.  Un-freaking-believable.

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  1. Ask your doctor for some birth control pills, take them for 3 to 4 months just to get your hormones back on track. Then when you go off of them, try to get pregnant right after that period happens when you ovulate. That's how I got prego with Matthew, or it never would of happened. I also had many issues with my periods being too early, or too late. I know that you want a baby, this might be a good way to do it!