Saturday, April 23, 2011


Here a spot, there a spot, everywhere a spot, spot.

Care to guess what color spotting I've been sporting?  The title says it all. . .ORANGE!  Freaking ORANGE?!  Yes, orange.

Sounds like I've got a big friggin' problem right?  Wrong.  Orange spotting is not unheard of when using progesterone suppositories.  Naturally!  I'm almost afraid to investigate what other side effects are normal when using these prog suppos.  Of course, I'm on Day 22 of my cycle so I'm thrilled with one side effect - delaying menses.

In related news, I didn't really spot much at all today so I feel happy about that.  In my research, I've discovered that inserting the suppository too deep can aggravate the cervix which leads to - you guessed it - spotting and sometimes cramping.  So I inserted last night's suppository barely beyond my vaginal opening, I squeezed those muscles good & tight, washed my hands, then hopped in the bed.  I had a little spotting this morning, but no cramping at all today so I think I've discovered a workable (if slightly more messy) solution.

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