Friday, April 29, 2011

That Filthy Pig was Delicious

It seems that no one is ambivalent toward pork.  The world could easily be divided into groups who will eat Babe, Wilbur, & Arnold Ziffle and those who will not touch the filthy swine - hehe.  Longtime readers of this blog know in which camp I belong.

I ordinarily do not consume pork in general or ham and bacon in particular.  I find it totally disgusting and not worthy of satisfying my hunger.  Ham and bacon creep me out because they are salty and pink and I'm sure they taste like human flesh.

My meat preferences are well known, but my husband's family appears to be obsessed with eating pigs.  Seriously, I can count on pork being the main dish at most of his family's get togethers.  They appear to like pork so much that they even served ham at Thanksgiving once - HAM AT THANKSGIVING?!  GAH!!  I'm a big girl and I just make sure that I'm not starving when I know that pork will be served.

I accepted a token piece of ham on Easter and somehow choked it down without slathering it in mustard.  It was as predictably horrible as ham usually is to me.  How things changed within a few days!  I had some leftover sticky rice and I added some diced leftover ham.  Holy moly, that was tasty and it tickled my tastebuds so much that I want to make it again.

Family and close friends of mine probably know what this admission means, but I kinda regret not buying a ham prior to Easter because it would be soooo good paired with the rice and soy sauce.  Of course, my crock pots are packed away so I'd have no way to cook it, but anyway.


  1. Its the hormones again. Lol

  2. I know, right? I don't like things that I would normally like and I do like things that I normally would not. It's like my body is bizarro world! haha