Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Urge + The Surge = Aw, Yeah!

My son woke me twice in the early morning; once at 3:00 am and again at 4:00 am.  I hardly woke up the first time he came to our room, but his whining and wailing jolted me awake an hour later.  What was the problem?  I have no idea and I was beyond irritated when he wouldn't go back to bed.  Naturally, he went right to sleep when Daddy tucked him back in bed.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sleep again from that point on.  There's not much to do at that time of day and I considered going to the gym.  Seriously, I did consider it. 

I quickly dismissed gym-bound ideas in favor of sexy thoughts.  Sure, sex isn't all that good of a workout, but at least you get immediate results for your effort!  However, I was distracted away from my mental porn by thinking about my cervix.

I blogged about my cervical adventure last night and I still find the thing pretty fascinating.  I was curious if it felt differently this morning so I popped in to check it out.  Whoa!  I am so glad that I did!

Remember when I mentioned that the cervix changes around ovulation?  I felt those changes this morning.  Crazy, right?  It was totally different less than twelve hours earlier!

This morning it was higher and softer.  The dimple somehow felt deeper, but I couldn't really tell as the cervix itself was so much higher than it was just last night and it wasn't as easy to reach.  I think it also felt wetter (for lack of better term), but wasn't sure if that could be traced to my earlier thoughts about sex.  Yeah, I probably should have checked my cervix before letting my mind run wild.

After making this cervical discovery, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to pee on an ovulation predictor stick.  Sure enough, I was experiencing the LH surge that I've been waiting for the last several days.  Yes! 

So now I have a date that I can begin to take the progesterone and, if nothing else, hopefully that will help extend my luteal phase so I won't be back on my period in less than ten days.  Ideally, of course, the progesterone will help support a pregnancy if I conceive.  I'll be thankful for the former, but I'd prefer the latter!

Following that train of thought, I wondered if I should hit up hubs for a roll in ze hay (someone's been watching Young Frankenstein!) right then or if I should wait until this evening.  I know that my "egg-whites" will be showing up shortly - probably within 12- to 24-hours.  Feeling unsure if the timing was right, I inspected my cervical fluid at length and I'm still not positive that it was stretchy and slippery enough for my husband's swimmers to make it where they need to go.  It stretched around 1.5" between my fingers. . .certainly stretchy, but nowhere near as stretchy as I've seen it before.  I kept digging around, wondering if my fluid was good enough and finally decided to stop overthinking everything so I made up my mind. 

I went for it.

Am I presenting fertile cervical fluid?  Sort of.  Would it have been better to wait until this evening?  Probably.  So why did I go for it anyway?  Well, because sex can lead to children, but it's supposed to be enjoyable just for the sake of having it too.  I was uncharacteristically horny at a very early hour (night owls paired with early birds quickly learn the joys of afternoon delight!) and wanted my husband.  Put simply, I wasn't going to let the lowered chance of conception stop me from enjoying him.

I sure that anyone who has been trying to achieve pregnancy can agree that trying for a baby is fun and exciting for a limited amount of cycles.  I found that it became disheartening after around a year of trying.  That's not to say that sex is no longer fun or exciting after that point, it's just that you become very aware of when you should do it and it paints the act with a special sense of urgency and pressure.  That urgency and pressure creates stress and stress can unfortunately kill your sexual desire.

Don't I want a baby?  Well, yeah!  But I wanted him more this morning and I thought that nurturing our relationship was far more important than worrying about expanding our family.

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