Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spotting vs. Period Bleeding

I have new symptoms that I'm pretty sure I can blame on the progesterone:  sore nipples and three separate 2-hour crying jags.  Perhaps I'm incredibly naive, but I did not expect so many side effects to show up so quickly.  I mean, I've only used three flipping suppositories!  I don't even want to imagine how screwed up I'll be feeling when my progesterone levels are good & high. 

But this post isn't about my boo-hooing or my need to shelter my boobies from the assault of my shower's water pressure - it felt like knives were stabbing my nipples - no, I think I'd like to explore the difference between spotting and menstrual bleeding.  I really am obsessed with my vadge and the fluids that come from it, right?  I know, gross, but I can't possibly be the only woman who has wondered if she's only spotting or having an actual period.

I've wondered a few times if I should discontinue using the progesterone suppositories because I've been experiencing intermittent spotting since Monday.  I was instructed to stop using them if menses occurs.  Well, I know that spotting isn't the same thing as your period so I'm still using them.

Then I began to wonder what the difference is between spotting and period bleeding.  Yeah, yeah, I know that I overthink everything.  Here is my admittedly non-medical professional thoughts on the matter:  spotting is lighter than a "normal" period, it doesn't require a pad/tampon/cup, it's pink or brownish bleeding, it doesn't have any big clots, and it may only be discovered while wiping after using the toilet.

Now, I'm not a doctor (I don't even play one on TV) so I could be totally off-base with my assessment of what I have been experiencing for the last few days.  It's a shot in the dark, but does anyone have an opinion or special knowledge on the matter? 

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